The Emergency Services Workshop Series

The Emergency Services Workshop series is an ongoing effort in the emergency services community to coordinate global standards and technologies for emergency calling and emergency notification. The primary focus of the workshop series is foster coordination among the many standards development organizations (SDOs) involved in emergency services as they all work toward a global solution for emergency communications using Internet technologies. In addition, the workshops try to bring in operational and regulatory perspectives on emergency services, so that these experiences and requirements can be incorporated into ongoing technical development processes. Participation is open all stakeholders in the emergency communications system, including industry (e.g., equipment vendors or telecommunications companies) as well as government (e.g., regulatory bodies or emergency response organizations).

How to get involved

The ESW is not a membership organization, but rather an ad-hoc forum for emergency discussions. There are no entrance requirements and no fees (other than a small amount to cover meeting costs). To get involved:

Who should participate

The ESW tries to bring together many of the diverse stakeholders in the next-generation emergency services system, including SDOs, network and PSAP operators, and regulators. Past participants have included the following, among others:


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