Workshop Agenda

Tuesday,  October 30th 2007

The first workshop day is reserved for tutorials.

IETF Emergency Architecture Hannes Tschofenig

90 min

3GPP IMS Emergency Architecture Hannu Hietalahti

90 min

NENA i2 and NENA i2.5 James Winterbottom

40 min

NENA i3 Brian Rosen 60 min

NENA Location

James Winterbottom

20 min

OMA MLS/SUPL Olaf Lem 30 min


Bryan McLaughlin

30 min

PSC Forum Latif Ladid 60 min

Wednesday, October 31st 2007

On Wednesday we start with an introductory presentation from

Alain van Gaever (Eu Commission)

followed by a panel about

 Policy Implications on Complexity of Standards and Systems

with the following description:

With regulations surrounding emergency services signaling, what are the implications for adding complexity to the standards and systems needed to deliver a call for help to PSAPs and first responders? With added complexity, what are the risks of failing in the primary mission of emergency services calling. This panel discussion is an overview of the increase in complexity on standards and systems to meet anticipated regulations. On special topic of interest the panel members is the area of SIM-less emergency calls.

The panel members are:

Stephen Collins Skype
Alain Van Gaever EU Commision
Roger Hixson NENA
Olivier Paul-Morandini EENA

Markus König

Bundesamt für Kommunikation BAKOM
Hannu Hietalahti (Panel Moderator) 3GPP

After the panel discussions, which will last for about 2 hours, we will go through status updates from different organizations and groups. The following status updates are planned.

The status update presentations have variable length depending on the work that has been done by the particular group or SDO.

IETF GEOPRIV / HELD James Winterbottom
IETF GEOPRIV / PIDF-LO Profile James Winterbottom
IETF GEOPRIV / Location by Reference Req.  Roger Marshall
IETF ECRIT / LoST  Hannes Tschofenig


Brian Rosen
IETF ECRIT / Framework Brian Rosen
Location Hiding Laura Liess
Unauthenticated Emergency Services Gábor Bajkó
IETF SIP / Location Conveyance James Polk
DSL Forum Barbara Stark
IEEE 802 wide Project on Emergency Services Stephen McCann
IEEE 802.11: SIM-less emergency services Stephen McCann
IEEE - TIA / LLDP-MED Manfred Arndt
Wimax Forum Dirk Kroeselberg

Thursday, November 1st 2007

The status update presentations have variable length depending on the work that has been done by the particular group or SDO.

On Thursday we will continue status updates and in the afternoon we are going to speak about early warning emergency services.

3GPP Hannu Hietalahti
ETSI EMTEL Leopold Murhammer
ETSI STF 321 Jim Price
CableLabs Hannes Tschofenig


Martin Klopfer
US Department of Transportation Roger Hixson
ATIS-ESIF Christian Militeau
WiFi Alliance Jan Kruys
EENA Olivier Paul-Morandini
NENA Roger Hixson
Emergency services for access by people with disabilities Gunnar Hellström

On early warning emergency services we have the following presentations on our agenda.

Requirements by ETSI Emtel Leopold Murhammer
CAP & other OASIS related topics Brian Rosen
Architectural Challenges Hannes Tschofenig
GeoRSS by OGC Martin Klopfer
CAP & SIP Brian Rosen
Work in the IEEE on Early Warning Stephen McCann

Since we expect a lot of discussions the agenda is subject to change.
Last modified: 19th October 2007